PACE Anti-Piracy Continues to Raise the Bar for White-Box Cryptography

‘White-Box Works’ successfully completes EMVCo recertification

11th July 2023 - San Jose, California - PACE Anti-Piracy is delighted to announce that its White-box Works software toolkit for securing algorithms, cryptographic keys, and data has successfully completed its EMVCo annual security evaluation for 2023.

PACE’s White-Box Works is the only white-box cryptography product to be approved under EMVCo’s Software Protection Tool certification program.

EMVCo creates and manages the specifications and programs that enable seamless and secure card-based payments for businesses and consumers worldwide. White-Box Works was evaluated against EMVCo’s Software-Based Mobile Payment (SBMP) security standards.

White-Box Works achieved EMVCo SBMP security certification following a successful evaluation conducted by global security lab, Riscure.

Unlike traditional solutions, White-Box Works delivers protection beyond standard cryptography algorithms. PACE gives the software developer complete and independent control over their protected code, ensuring their encryption keys and proprietary algorithms are never exposed. White-Box Works can transform any algorithm defined in industry-standard C code into a protected white-box, offering unparalleled flexibility, security, and efficiency.

This level of in-house control also promises to increase operational efficiency for the customer, since they are no longer beholden to a white-box library vendor’s build schedule and can develop their application in accordance with their internal timelines. It also enables the customer to use, replace and update their deployed encryption keys and algorithms at will, with no need to re-engage PACE Anti-Piracy, or any other third-party vendor, to do so. 

White-Box Works defeats the range of attacks that many encryption-dependent apps remain vulnerable to, including reverse engineering, fault injection, and advanced statistical analysis (such as differential computation analysis). This supports use-cases across a range of industries from payments through wider finance, and into areas such as digital ID, e-Health, media & entertainment and IP protection.

White-box Works was the first—and so far only—white-box cryptography product to be certified by EMVCo,” said Allen Cronce, CEO of PACE Anti-Piracy. “By successfully completing its annual evaluation, we have demonstrated that White-Box Works truly is the best in class when it comes to software cryptographic protection. PACE has deployed thousands of white-boxes to protect high value digital assets. We are proud to always put our customers’ IP and data protection needs first.

Riscure is proud to have continued to assist PACE Anti-Piracy in achieving an EMVCo SBMP evaluation certificate for White-Box Works,” adds Maarten Bron, Managing Director of Riscure North America. “EMVCo certified products are subject to annual recertification, which gives developers peace of mind that the product continues to provide resistance against the latest attack methods. We would like to congratulate the team at PACE with the successful recertification of their White-Box Works solution.

For more information, please visit our White-Box Works webpage or contact PACE Anti-Piracy at [email protected].

About PACE Anti-Piracy, Inc.

PACE Anti-Piracy, Inc. is a privately held company based in San Jose, California. Since 1985, PACE has provided software publishers and distributors with high-quality solutions for secure software distribution. PACE products are used by a growing number of world-class software publishers around the world. 

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