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PACE Anti-Piracy Unveils Cutting-Edge Innovations at The Hollywood Professional Association’s Sold-Out HPA Tech Retreat 2024


Rancho Mirage, California - January 25, 2024 - PACE Anti-Piracy Inc., a trailblazer in secure license management and application protection, is poised to captivate attendees of the 2024 HPA Tech Retreat with groundbreaking technology demonstrations.

The HPA Tech Retreat is a premier gathering of top minds and innovative companies shaping content creation, management, and distribution. Located near Palm Springs, this annual event convenes renowned leaders in engineering, technology, creativity, and business to explore the most pressing issues in media and entertainment. The Innovation Zone, a curated space within the retreat, highlights the latest technologies and applications. Participation is by application, offering a platform for exclusive, cutting-edge innovations reviewed by the Innovation Zone manager and HPA Tech Retreat Committee.

At the HPA Innovation Zone, PACE will unveil their latest advancements poised to reshape the landscape of software protection and license distribution. Attendees will delve into the future of software anti-piracy solutions and witness the debut of innovative products designed to empower software publishers. The 2024 HPA Tech Retreat Innovation Zone exhibition marks a pivotal moment for PACE as it introduces a suite of offerings promising to redefine industry standards.

Fusion Security Suite

The Fusion Security Suite provides code-hardening through advanced anti-tamper and code obfuscation technology to protect your software intellectual property. When Fusion-protected software is tampered with by an attacker, the application will fail gracefully and not offer any clues as to why the protected code fails to operate. Fusion-protected binaries are extremely challenging to attack due to the blending of your software with PACE’s application protection at build time. At the 2024 HPA Innovation Zone, PACE will be giving demonstrations of its automated application protection tools and its next-generation of security products.

iLok License Delivery App for Shopify

The iLok License Delivery App for Shopify is available now. This innovative solution empowers publishers to safely deliver audio software licenses for increased sales. PACE's Fusion Security Suite provides a swift and convenient method to safeguard software while the iLok Licensing platform directly delivers customer licenses. The iLok Licensing platform, with over 10 million registered users and now Shopify integration, makes marketing and selling software easier.  iLok License Delivery app for Shopify effortlessly delivers licenses directly to the customer's iLok account, eliminating the need for activation codes or custom registration.

JUCE 8 Feature Announcement

JUCE is proud to announce the key features of its upcoming JUCE 8 release that offers a major leap forward in audio application and plug-in development. This release will introduce many long-anticipated features, including the ability to design and deploy GUIs with embedded web views, a faster Direct2D-based renderer, a new animation framework, enhanced Unicode support, and more.

Save the Date for ADC24 in Bristol, UK

Mark your calendars for the 10th Audio Developer Conference (ADC) on November 11-13th, 2024, in Bristol, UK. ADC24 will be a hybrid conference, offering both in-person and online experiences. Attendees can look forward to engaging sessions, networking opportunities, and the latest insights in audio development. Visit us at and subscribe to the ADC newsletter to be the first to know about our call for papers, ticket sales, and sponsorship opportunities.

For more information on these cutting-edge advancements or to engage with PACE, please visit us at the HPA Innovation Zone or website at

About PACE Anti-Piracy Inc.

Since 1985, PACE Anti-Piracy Inc. has been an innovator in delivering easy-to-use robust protection products and flexible licensing solutions to software publishers worldwide. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, California, with global satellite offices, PACE has a diverse portfolio of established brands including iLok, JUCE, White-box Works, Fusion, and ADC (Audio Developers Conference). Trusted by thousands of software publishers globally, PACE's impact is significant. With 10 million users, over 200 million licenses issued, support for hundreds of developers, and security for more than 20,000 products, PACE is expanding into new markets while remaining committed to fortifying the digital realm against piracy.

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