Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

When it comes to Artificial Intelligence (AI)—including Machine Learning (ML)—applications, sensitive data and Intellectual Property (IP) must be protected to secure your value.

Protecting Innovation for 
Data Scientists and Engineers

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning has grown out of computer science, statistics, and various engineering specialties, to become ubiquitous to the way our modern world is developing. Given the trust placed on these software models, they become a magnet to threat actors. Most discussion of threats to AI focus on the model running in the cloud. When it comes to models running in client-side applications or Edge AI, different risk models are required.

AI from cloud to edge

AI models are distributed as software. As such, their code is as vulnerable to attack as any other software application. This puts them at risk of piracy, reverse engineering, and malicious manipulation. Given the high-value nature of these models, they quickly become a magnet for those wishing to profit from doing harm.

This makes it necessary to securely license and protect your AI models.

PACE is experienced in protecting software IP across multiple markets, and working with data science and ModelOps teams. PACE delivers a proven license and security solution to AI/ML developers, allowing them to maximize their value.

MathWorks, the creator of MATLAB, Partner

Mathworks Connections partner

MATLAB is used by engineers, mathematicians, and scientists the world over to analyze data, develop algorithms, and create models. PACE provides best-in-class licensing solutions for MATLAB-developed applications, allowing you to securely distribute your standalone MATLAB application.


Safeguarding against real world threats

ai threat 1

Software Piracy

Today's hackers are extremely clever and persistent. They will strip copy protection, steal your unique model, and distribute it for free online. We understand their techniques and strive to make their lives difficult. PACE Licensing means you can safely distribute your application and manage who is using your model.

IP Theft

Theft of software-based IP is nothing new—whether for monetary gain or commercial advantage—and has been shown to negatively impact not only short-term revenue but also long-term company valuations. Because AI models are distributed as software, they are prone to the same reverse engineer attacks. PACE Licensing stops the wholesale theft of your application, while our targeted software protection secures your model against reverse engineering.

AI threat 2
AI threat 3

Model Manipulation Attacks

AI/ML also introduces new threats. External analysis known as “query attacks” involves attempts to discern the internal logic of an AI model. In scenarios involving client-side and Edge AI, attackers can access the model's underlying code. This acquired knowledge can then potentially be exploited to alter the model's behavior and rules. With targeted protection of algorithms and models, PACE works with customers to prevent such attacks.

Platforms and Tools Available

Multiple Licensing

iLok Licensing

Securely license your AI model to maximize your value and protect your IP. PACE’s robust software licensing allows you to focus on monetizing your models.


White-box Works

Targeted software protection of any algorithm with White-Box Works protects your IP from reverse engineering and ensures the privacy and integrity of the data your algorithm processes.


Consultative Approach

Navigating licensing and protection options can be tricky

I’m motivated to find the right solutions for my clients’ needs. By understanding their journey and their products, I can work with them to solve their challenges. My clients sleep easily when we provide them with the right technology to protect their hard work. Only when my clients sleep easy, can I relax.
Patrick DiFerdinando

Patrick DiFerdinando

VP of Sales

Why Choose PACE

When you want to distribute your AI models outside your cloud—either as client-side applications or to run as Edge AI—PACE has the platforms and tooling you need to protect your IP and ultimately your value. PACE’s customers keep control of their software IP.

We have over 36 years of experience protecting Mac and Windows desktop applications. Our tools integrate with your build system using Xcode or Visual Studio. The result is a binary with customized security, and licenses that can be delivered using our built-in activation code system or through our APIs.
Laser Thermal protect their MATLAB apps with PACE

Laser Thermal Protects Software with PACE

University of Virginia spin-out company finds success with its MATLAB applications through software licensing.

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Strong Security

Leave software protection and license management to us - that's what we do. Your focus can be on developing great products.

Custom Settings

We put the control in your hands. Design your security and licensing model to work for your business.

Multiple License Types

Offer the type of licenses that meet your business needs: perpetual, subscription, network-based, trial, or timed.

Flexible Activations

You define when a license is required, and how it can be activated.

Subscription Support

Expand your user base with a lower entry cost. Subscriptions are easy to distribute and manage.

Demo at Launch Time

Hook your customer at first launch - choose to allow a trial period and specify what the user's options will be once the demonstration period is over.

Fast, Secure Database

Speed and security are serious business - we take care of that for you, processing millions of license activations a week.

Encrypted Communications

Our system uses encrypted channels to protect your software locally; you will never need to send us unprotected source files.


Request and download custom reports - even track usage in real-time.

Customer Support

Our customers receive full documentation, quality support, and access to our engineering team.

Proven Track Record

Our protection stands strong for years, not hours or days.
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