Machine Learning and AI

PACE Anti-Piracy is a leader in protecting machine learning and AI applications.  Sensitive data and IP must be secured and kept agnostic. Some of the most important processes governing our lives are managed by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Protecting Innovation for Data Scientists and Engineers

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is a relatively new discipline, growing out of computer science, statistics, and various engineering specialties. It has become ubiquitous to the way our modern world is developing. From driving trading decisions on Wall Street and managing utilities networks, to embedded voice recognition interaction with smartphones and IoT devices, AI/ML techniques are reimagining our world.

The trust placed in such software models - and the systems they manage - is a magnet to those wishing to profit from doing harm. Adversarial attacks are well known on ML systems, particularly Machine Vision, but if models can be modified externally without poisoning training data, the risk may be more insidious.

Risk of this software being attacked is the same as any application of any kind on any platform. Valuable embedded or desktop AI/ML intellectual property is as much at risk of being pirated as any content or CAM software. And such exfiltration is made even easier by the lack of awareness.

PACE has experience in protecting Software IP across multiple markets and working with data science and ModelOps teams. PACE delivers a proven license and security solution to AI/ML developers.


The current machine learning and AI platform market has not established standardized security protocols. Regulations that effectively protect organizations are still being developed. It is important for organizations to recognize the need to protect IP and "air gaps" in their models.


Data security in model training leads to not only the protection of data and sensitive customer information, but also adds a layer of obscurity - helping protect against AI ethics issues caused by biased model training. 


AI & ML introduces new threats. Data can be “poisoned” intentionally or by mistake during model training or while the AI model is running, thereby manipulating the outcome.
External analysis known as “query attacks” may attempt to determine the AI model’s internal logic and change its rules. PACE works with customers to prevent such attacks.


72% of business leaders say AI will bring about a business advantage.

devices with voice skill

4 billion devices with voice skills are currently in use. 

customer interactions

75% of customer interactions are managed by AI.
$15.7 TRIL

ADDED to economy

$15.7 trillion will be added to the economy by 2030 through AI productivity and productization.
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  • Proteus IT Industry UI Kit

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