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Advanced Application Protection You Can Trust

Mobile and desktop applications contain vulnerabilities that can expose customer information, and compromise intellectual property. PACE Anti-Piracy is a global leader in software protection. PACE has provided license platform solutions since 1985, and has used experience and R&D to develop the latest security tools for Anti-Tamper and White-Box Cryptography.


    Fourier Audio Embeds iLok USB Hardware in transform.engine for Advanced Security & Protection

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    Protecting the value of your algorithms

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Our Difference

No-Consultants Required

Our security and licensing tools are designed by developers for developers.


Our customers can design the licensing or security model that works for their business.

Exceptional Support

We offer virtual demos, technical help, and access to our engineering team.

Free Trials

Contact us for a 30-day evaluation that includes engineering support.


PACE is proud to protect more than 125 million licenses. Below is feedback from one of our customers.

Our team works extremely hard on our software products, and therefore requires that they are both secure and reliable for our customers.

PACE tools give us the best protection while ensuring that we have a sleek and non-invasive user experience. Protecting my software with PACE was the easiest decision I've made.

Steven Slate

CEO Slate Companies

Slate Digital is a technology company that focuses on high end DSP solutions for the music, post production, broadcast, forensics and security industries.

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