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White-Box Cryptography for Secure Mobile Payments

White-Box Works is the culmination of many years of development, delivering unparalleled security performance from a toolkit over which the developer of SoftPOS applications has full control. The SoftPOS revolution is gathering strength, with over 80 companies all working in the space, presenting a number of challenges and opportunities.

Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) devices were never designed to manage the critically important cryptographic operations required in the acceptance of payments, however, if that can be achieved, the flexibility of a pure software solution opens new opportunities for retailers, hospitality, and other in-person transactions.

Resistant to Modern Cryptographic Attacks

White-Box Works is a new, unique solution for adding white-box cryptography to applications. It provides significantly better protection against attacks than existing solutions and is more flexible without compromising ease of use or performance. Click below to schedule your demo today!


Continuous in-house and external security evaluations ensure white-box implementations generated with White-Box Works are resistant to modern white-box attacks including reverse engineering, side channel analysis (memory trace analysis), register trace analysis, and fault injection.

Security and Compliance

PCI Security Standards for Mobile Payments are expected to be released by Q4 2022. We anticipate it will combine the previous Software-based PIN Entry (SPoC) and Contactless Payments (CPoC) standards, which will bring with it the ability to deploy SoftPOS applications onto a phone with the option of a card reader and other commercial devices.

Unlike traditional Pin-Entry Device (PED) solutions, according to the latest PCI Secure Software Standard, the certification for a SoftPOS solution can be a single application, applicable across multiple devices. So, for example, a major retailer can equip roaming staff with a tablet able to take payments anywhere on the store floor, minimizing queue build-up and potentially increasing impulse spending.

The key to achieving certification, a critical milestone for FinTechs, is the secure management of the required cryptographic functions within SoftPOS applications. 

SoftPOS is an opportunity for software developers, Payment Service Providers and merchants to push the boundaries of the consumer experience, blending the online and in-person worlds while enabling potential for loyalty and other personalized functions.


PCI Compliance

PCI Develops the underlying security structure for Payments generally. They are developing new flexible standards for SoftPOS

EMVCo Certification

EMVCo works with PCI standards and the Card Schemes to develop workflows and to certify software solutions for SoftPOS solutions

What’s Next?

With the Launch of Apple’s new “tap to pay” solution and the backing of major card schemes innovation is increasing in SoftPOS.

What Makes White-Box Works Different?

Traditional white-box library products are monolithic and inflexible. They force developers to compromise on their creativity, while leaving them reliant on the vendor for updates. The ability for the developer to simultaneously serve multiple platforms and to add ancillary services (such as loyalty) delivers far more value to the PSP or merchant and subsequently the consumer.

PACE Anti-Piracy’s White-Box Works developer tools quickly and efficiently deliver critical components of the cryptographic architecture required for SoftPOS - while allowing the developer the freedom to create innovative software for retailers.

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To learn more about how PACE Anti-Piracy can add a layer of protection to your SoftPOS solution, contact our team of security experts today.

Key Benefits

Strong Security

Leave software protection to us - that's what we do. Your focus can be on developing great products.

Keep Code In-house

Your code stays in-house with full support from our engineering team.

EMVCo Certified

PACE Anti-Piracy has completed rigorous penetration testing and received certification from EMVCo.

Flexible Implementation

Ability to create unique white-box cyptographic networks and architectures on demand.

Developer Freedom

Full freedom to build upon PCI, EMVCo, MPoC and SPoC standards.

Algorithm Agnostic

White-Box Works can protect both industry standard and proprietary implementations. 

PCI Compliant

PCI Develops the underlying security structure for payments. They are developing new flexible standards for SoftPOS.

Customer Support

Our customers receive full documentation, quality support, and access to our engineering team.

Proven Track Record

PACE brings nearly 4 decades of security and licensing experience.
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