High Value Software

Enterprises large and small depend on their own IP and the integrity of their supplier's IP for business integrity and continuity

Protecting Developer's
Revenue Streams

Protecting high value software like CAD/CAM/EDA is integral to a company's revenue. Software security is not an option, but a necessity. With the introduction of workflow and additive manufacturing tools, the issue has only increased.

Legacy license management technologies have rarely kept up with the sheer ingenuity of those who would wish to steal IP. Suprisingly, many have very little software security in place. Uniquely PACE Anti-Piracy has been focused not only on delivering user-friendly license management solutions, but also ensuring they are secure. 

PACE licensees can be confident that in the ongoing struggle with piracy our security teams are working on their behalf.


Today we see the growing use of monitoring and other technologies to try and identify piracy actors. This is undoubtedly useful, unfortunately international legal recourse is not a cheap process - even if you can identify the perpetrators. PACE believes preventing the loss in the first place is more cost-effective.


Many see SaaS as a way of delivering IP that is less easily stolen. To a degree this is true, however latency and security concerns mean processor-hungry Industry applications can rarely be delivered from the Cloud. As soon as software is on-premises, it is  vulnerable. At PACE we have been securing this software since 1999.


PACE Anti-Piracy is unique in being both a license management company, as well as software security experts. With steadfast focus on ensuring customers’ IP is secure from piracy, PACE has built a 36 year legacy as trusted leaders in application protection and software licensing.


online piracy

Nearly 24% of the global internet bandwidth is used for online piracy.

unlicensed software

$46.3 billion of software running in the world is unlicensed.

p2p downloads per day

28 million users download and share files through P2P networks everyday.

software is unlicensed

2 out of every 5 copies of software running in the world are unpaid.

Let us help you explore your security options. 

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