PACE Anti-Piracy

PACE provides world class software security tools and platform for empowering global software publishers to maximize their licensing processes and profits in real time.

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Strong Security

Leave software protection and license management to us - that's what we do. Your focus can be on developing great products.

Developer Freedom

Our tooling is designed to integrate into your developer processes and build systems allowing you to build software the way you want to.

Customizable Protection

We put the control in your hands. Design your security and licensing model to work for your business.

Keep Secrets In-House

Your intellectual property, code and encryption keys stay in-house; that’s always good security practise.

Consistent Behaviour

Your software will behave the same before and after protection, PACE’s automated processes remove any space for human error.

Customer Support

Our customers receive full documentation, quality support, and access to our engineering team.

Proven Track Record

We’ve been protecting software IP for four decades; our protection stands strong for years, not hours or days.

About us

PACE Anti-Piracy Inc., is an industry leader in the development of robust protection products, and flexible licensing management solutions. 

Since 1985, PACE has provided software publishers and distributors with easy to use, high quality solutions for anti-piracy protection and secure software distribution.

In response to market demands for stronger security products, PACE has expanded its product line to offer white-box and anti-tamper solutions.

PACE's products and services are trusted by thousands of software publishers around the world with millions of end users. 

PACE AP is a privately held company based in Silicon Valley, California with subsidiary offices in Scotland and England.

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