Authorize your software with the mightiest hardware-encrypted USB device and PKI-based security and licensing platform yet.

The iLok USB is a special USB device that holds licenses for iLok-enabled software. Software developers use iLok to provide secure protection for their software. When customers run your iLok-enabled software, it looks for the software license on the attached iLok USB and authenticates their access - on any computer.

More than just a Dongle

The iLok USB is a sophisticated and technologically advanced security platform. It was designed to securely authorize many different applications that can be from the same or different software vendors. The iLok can also be used to unlock specific features within a protected application.

Today, many people know the iLok as a secure USB dongle that protects a vendor’s software or feature set. Under the hood it's not just a simple USB dongle but an active security device based on an extensible platform comprehensively designed by PACE Anti-Piracy.

The iLok can do much more than just authorize your software.

  • Store over 1,500 licenses from different vendors
  • Control the use of features within your application 
  • Secure manufacturing - control the production of hardware
  • Protect research and manufacturing software and content
  • Embed into hardware to cross-authenticate code or features

How It Works

The iLok USB platform is an active security module that uses modern cryptography, including digital signatures and strong cryptographic block algorithms. Using industry proven PKI (Public Key Infrastructure), there is an active security exchange between your protected software and the iLok USB itself.

Licenses, securely stored in a single iLok USB device, can unlock code or data originating from multiple publishers without conflicts or security compromises between vendors. iLok USB licenses can be added to, updated in, or removed from an iLok USB device remotely and securely.

The iLok is completely integrated with PACE’s advanced software protection toolset and SDK, providing a scalable PKI solution that makes protecting your software easy and secure. 

The iLok USB is based on PACE Anti-Piracy’s patented technology (U.S. Patent 7,032,240 and U.S. Patent 6,871,192). 

iLok USB Type-A and Type-C

The iLok USB platform makes it easy for your customers to take all of their software authorizations with them, wherever they go.


Your customers can authorize their software anywhere it is installed. At home, work, or at a remote location, they can keep their software licenses with them, not on their computer.


The same iLok USB license will work on both Mac and Windows.


Your customer’s licenses are on the safest, most secure solution: the iLok USB. With Zero Downtime™ protection, your customers have 24/7 peace of mind.



Small, thin design— just 1.5 x .5 inches (3.8 x 1.3 cm)

Strong Security

Strong security loop accommodates most desktop security cables


Durable split- and crack-proof extruded aluminum frame


Store up to 1,500 software authorizations on a single iLok USB


USB Type-A and USB Type-C hardware

Easy to Use

Add and transfer licenses with a simple drag and drop using iLok License Manager

End-User Experience

Managing licenses for your customers has never been so easy. Using the iLok License Manager application, your customers can:

iLok USB


View what is activated on their iLok USBs.


Activate new licenses from participating software vendors.


Manage licenses, including moving them between multiple iLok USBs.


Access your license or choose to transfer licenses to other accounts.

iLok License Manager

iLok License Manager offers secure and portable licenses. The result is easy to use license management.

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Strong Security

Leave software protection and license management to us - that's what we do. Your focus can be on developing great products.

Custom Settings

We put the control in your hands. Design your security and licensing model to work for your business.

Multiple License Types

Offer the type of licenses that meet your business needs: perpetual, subscription, network-based, trial, or timed.

Flexible Activations

You define when a license is required, and how it can be activated.

Subscription Support

Expand your user base with a lower entry cost. Subscriptions are easy to distribute and manage.

Demo at Launch Time

Hook your customer at first launch - choose to allow a trial period and specify what the user's options will be once the demonstration period is over.

Fast, Secure Database

Speed and security are serious business - we take care of that for you, processing millions of license activations a week.

Encrypted Communications

Our system uses encrypted channels to protect your software locally; you will never need to send us unprotected source files.


Request and download custom reports - even track usage in real-time.

Customer Support

Our customers receive full documentation, quality support, and access to our engineering team.

Proven Track Record

Our protection stands strong for years, not hours or days.
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