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Fourier Audio Embeds iLok USB Hardware in transform.engine for Advanced Security & Protection

SILICON VALLEY, CA, UNITED STATES, July 10, 2024 - PACE Anti-Piracy, Inc., a leader in software security and licensing solutions, is proud to announce that Fourier Audio has chosen to integrate PACE's iLok USB hardware into their transform.engine platform. This strategic partnership underscores the critical role PACE's solutions play in protecting cutting-edge technologies in the audio industry.

Henry Harrod photo

Fourier Audio, founded by Henry Harrod, is transforming the live sound landscape with their advanced software and platform solutions. Harrod, a seasoned sound engineer and producer with a background in mechanical and acoustical engineering, co-founded Fourier Audio to bring sophisticated plugins and software tools to live production environments. With the pandemic halting live theater, Fourier Audio seized the opportunity to revolutionize live sound by leveraging digital tools traditionally used in studio settings.

The transform.engine platform, a robust solution providing real-time digital replicas of physical assets, now features the iLok USB embedded within the hardware. This is leveraged by Fourier Audio’s innovative software running on the platform for enhanced security so it is protected against piracy and unauthorized use, enabling them to confidently distribute and monetize their products.

Henry Harrod, co-founder and CEO of Fourier Audio, shares, "PACE is considered such a gold standard in our industry. It would be wrong for us not to have a good working relationship with them. We couldn’t do what we are doing and how we do it without the relationship we have with PACE."

iLok USB hardware inside transform.engine (red circle)

The partnership with PACE Anti-Piracy was a natural choice for Fourier Audio. Harrod recalls, "I grew up in a world where plugins were starting to replace hardware equipment, and PACE was front and center. The elegance of having a USB key that you can move around and carry with you is useful to someone using the transform.engine." Read more about how Fourier Audio safeguarded their transform.engine security with PACE Anti-Piracy.

PACE's iLok USB hardware provides a secure, user-friendly licensing solution that aligns with Fourier Audio's mission to democratize and enhance live sound production. This collaboration protects Fourier Audio’s intellectual property and offers peace of mind to their customers, knowing they are using protected and reliable software.

Fourier Audio's Transform engine

As Fourier Audio continues to innovate, the ongoing relationship with PACE ensures they have the support and technology needed to stay at the forefront of the industry. Harrod emphasizes, "It’s crucial for us to have a close relationship with PACE to honor our promise to our customers. PACE is a trusted name and deeply understands our industry. It's really important to make sure we're working with people in our kind of circle."

About PACE Anti-Piracy, Inc.
Since 1985, PACE Anti-Piracy Inc. has been an innovator in delivering easy-to-use robust protection products and flexible licensing solutions to software publishers worldwide. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, California, with global satellite offices, PACE has a diverse portfolio of established brands including iLok, JUCE, White-box Works, Fusion, and ADC (Audio Developers Conference). Trusted by thousands of software publishers globally, PACE's impact is significant. With 10 million users, over 200 million licenses issued, support for hundreds of developers, and security for more than 20,000 products, PACE is expanding into new markets while remaining committed to fortifying the digital realm against piracy.

About Fourier Audio
Fourier Audio is a UK-based startup specializing in software and platform solutions for live sound. Their innovative products are incorporated into many theater productions on Broadway and the West End, as well as international music tours.

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