Video Content Delivery

Protect Conditional Access Services (CAS) and
Digital Rights Management (DRM) keys

White-Box Cryptography for Video Content Delivery

Streaming content and software conditional access services have seen massive growth in the last three years. As services proliferate and content becomes fragmented across a number of service providers, the rate of piracy has also grown. Digital Rights Management (DRM) and Conditional Access (CAS) solutions have been security tools many organizations turn to. Unfortunately, these solutions are not able to deliver complete protection. A hacker can quickly and simply extract the encryption key from player applications running on mobile devices, smart TVs or set-top boxes. A more robust solution is needed for organizations implementing or updating their DRM or CAS solutions.
While companies that exclusively stream their own content are free to choose the level of software protection used to secure their original content, licensees of 3rd party content are generally required to meet strict security protocols. These security protocols often include specific methodologies for key management and protection, including white-box cryptography.
In addition to piracy of copyrighted content, CAS and streaming video DRM applications also carry the threat of piracy of their own proprietary algorithms. Organizations often protect implementations or proprietary algorithms from reverse engineering.
PACE Anti-Piracy offers a revolutionary new white-box solution, White-Box Works. White-Box Works is a 3rd-generation technology, and a culmination of years of development and testing. White-Box Works delivers unparalleled cryptographic key protection ensuring the security of legitimate subscriber access to original or licensed content.
Binary cube representing a whitebox cryptography module

PACE Anti-Piracy’s White-Box Works developer tools quickly and efficiently deliver critical components of the cryptographic architecture required for CAS and video DRM applications - while allowing the developer the freedom to innovate. 

White-Box Works is algorithm agnostic, and introduces a new, more efficient way to generate white-box transforms.

Key Benefits of PACE’s White-Box Works Code Generator:

Algorithm Protection

Conditional Access Services and Digital Rights Management require robust protection and an ever-evolving set of security tools.

Under Your Control

Keys and proprietary algorithms stay in-house. Update your keys and protect new algorithms on your schedule.

Controlling Costs

Eliminate unexpected field software engineering costs and costs to vendors for key or spec changes.
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White-Box Cryptography adds a sophisticated layer of protection, and offers the most advanced solution for cryptographic key protection. 

PACE Anti-Piracy brings nearly four decades of experience protecting real-time media and entertainment software. Our knowledgeable engineering team has a deep understanding of application performance and compatibility. 

Cost, flexibility, and most importantly effectiveness make PACE’s White-Box Works the optimal solution.

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What Makes White-Box Works Different?

Traditional white-box library products are monolithic and inflexible DLLs. This means they force developers to compromise on their creativity, while leaving them reliant on the vendor for updates. The ability for the developer to simultaneously serve multiple platforms and to add ancillary services delivers far more value to the distributor and content owner, and subsequently the consumer.

PACE Anti-Piracy’s White-Box Works developer tools quickly and efficiently deliver critical components of the cryptographic architecture required for the secure delivery and distribution of content - while allowing the developer the freedom to create innovative software.

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Key Benefits

Strong Security

Leave software protection to us - that's what we do. Your focus can be on developing great products.

Keep Code In-House

Your code stays in-house with full support from our engineering team.

EMVCo Certified

PACE Anti-Piracy has completed rigorous penetration testing and received certification from EMVCo.

Flexible Implementation

Ability to create unique white-box cryptographic networks and architecture.

Developer Freedom

Full freedom to build upon PCI,  EMVCo, MPoC and SPoC standards.

Algorithm Agnostic

Allowing for non-Mobile-centric development

PCI Compliant

PCI Develops the underlying security structure for payments generally. They are developing new flexible standards for SoftPOS.

Customer Support

Our customers receive full documentation, quality support, and access to our engineering team.

Proven Track Record

PACE brings nearly 4 decades of security and licensing experience.
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