PACE Licensing Platform

License Types

We support a wide range of license types: perpetual or restricted (by time) along with the ability to specify specific behavioral constraints. Below are the most common.


Full license without time limits


Limited, timed license


Recurring payment collection and authorization


Multi-seat license over a network


Limited, timed license

Rent to Own

Recurring payment collection for a period of time, then converts to a perpetual license

Activation Locations

Choose the license locations best suited for your user base. You can permit your end users to store their licenses in any combination of authorized storage locations.

Host Computer

Allows activation to a computer with no requirements for extra hardware or Internet connection.
iLok USB

iLok USB

Our hardware is secure, convenient, and portable. Users who operate from several workstations find the portability a necessity. 

iLok Cloud

With a constant Internet connection, our cloud solution allows secure flexibility without a hardware requirement.
iLok Cloud
Licensing with the iLok Cloud is simple and convenient. Many users prefer not to need licensing hardware. 

iLok Cloud Licensing

We give the end user the option to activate to the iLok Cloud or the iLok USB. The iLok Cloud was designed to stay out of the way of the launch experience, meaning if a Cloud Session is open and the license is valid, the product will launch without asking the end user for any credentials.
More about iLok Cloud

iLok License Manager

iLok License Manager is a free end-user desktop application for Mac OS and Windows that makes license management as easy as drag-and-drop. The application runs on the user's computer and communicates with the PACE database via our activation services.

PACE Central

How It Works

Publishers use PACE Central to build their catalog of products and bundles. We offer many customization options, from look and feel to security level. All options are explained clearly within our easy to use publisher portal.


Activating Your Software

Customize and build your customer's launch experience.


Add custom graphics and select a color scheme.

On Demand Trial

Automatically deliver a demo to a qualified account.

Sales Opportunity

Offer a purchasing opportunity post demo or when your software is un-licensed. 

Quick Activation

Streamlined and easy access for first time users.

Customize your Licensing

Level of Security

Apply your own protection per product - from easy to implement code signing and license checks on launch, to best in class code obfuscation and white-box cryptography. 

License Types

Offer the types of licenses that work for your customers: perpetual, subscription, rent-to-own, multi-seat, trial, NFR, or time-based.


Choose which locations to allow your customers to activate to, including: iLok USB, iLok Cloud, or machine (CPU).


Use our built-in activation code system to create and distribute licenses on any standard e-commerce plaform, or connect directly to our API. 

Which licensing option
 is right for you?

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Our Clients

PACE’s products are used by an ever growing number of world-class software publishers around the world. 

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