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We understand your market

Our publishers have been in business for decades and we have been with them every step of the way. We have been here since the beginning of the Digital Audio Workstation (DAW).

We understand your trials and tribulations, and can help you make the licensing and distribution portion of your business run smoothly, just as we have for the many hundreds of publishers that use our system.

Pro Audio

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License with confidence

License with confidence

We offer every license type to fit your business model including: trials, perpetuals, subscriptions, rentals, and more.

Using the latest security methods, current and potential customers will benefit from a secure and seamless activation of your protected software.

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We have experience against the best hackers in the world

Every day is a new fight, and we’re here to win

Today’s hackers are extremely clever and persistent. They will strip any copy protection you have, steal your unique code and distribute it for free online. We are poised to take them on because we understand their techniques and strive to make their lives difficult...not yours. Click here to learn about how we make hacking your product extremely difficult.

iLok USB Smart Key

We have the strongest hardware protection in the business

The Third Generation iLok hardware device can safely store hundreds of licenses, is portable, and convenient.

Aside from the ease of use, the iLok is nearly indestructible. It has never been "cracked" or copied. It is by far the strongest and safest way to deliver your licenses to your customers. Professionals in the audio industry rely every single day on the ease of use and reliability of the iLok.

We protect desktop applications & these popular audio plug in formats

  • AudioUnits
  • VST

Fusion Supported Software

Fusion works by blending your binary with our protection, creating a unique per-product fusing. Every binary has its own custom and unique binary protection.

The hacking community hates the fact that the compromise of one binary would have no effect on the security of any other protected binary. When Fusion protection is combined with binary wrapping, your binary is at its most secure.

How does it work?

Our compiler proxy technology injects code into your sources at build time. We've created a mostly automatic system that you 'train' by running special builds. There are ample configuration options to allow you to balance security and binary performance.

Wrap-Only Options

While Fusion provides you with the absolute top-of-the-line protection, there may be a reason you do not want to use it on every product. PACE tools can also be used to create a protected version of your binary without requiring you to make changes to your code. Using our tools to wrap your binary and using the optional digital signing will still provide you with serviceable protection.

Content Protection

Digital content publishers need technological solutions to enforce their product licensing terms, but protecting digital content can be challenging. Unlike software, content generally does not have an executable component, so the content itself cannot enforce how it is used. PACE Eden Content Protection allows you to securely tie your content to an executable (a content player) and to protect both your content and your content player.

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Pro Audio Graphic

We are the licensing solution for Pro Audio

What Our Clients Say

We're not the only ones excited happy about iLok...

700+ customers in more than 100 countries use PACE Anti Piracy.

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  • Customize Customize your security level, lower the barrier to entry, build the user's launch experience.
  • Monetize Software subscriptions, perpetual licenses, rent to own; our flexible licensing system is custom-tailored to your business model.
  • Distribute Sell online within minutes, dealer and distributor friendly methods, or launch with one of our trusted partners.


Software security is an ongoing battle, and security and license management go hand in hand; you can't have one without the other.

PACE has been winning this battle for over 30 years.

Our sole focus is handling the security and providing the licensing platform so you don’t have to - you can focus on developing great products for your customers.

Our Ecosystem

Flexible Security Design

We help you create the perfect level of protection. Apply unique protection per product - from low levels to high levels that haven't been broken in years. Require our secure iLok USB Smart Key, the iLok Cloud, or allow license activation to a computer.

Multiple Ways to Deliver

Deliver licenses to your customers quickly and easily with our generated activation codes. You may choose to use one of our trusted third party distributors. For trials, you can even include a trial license in your protected binary.

Licensing Models You Define

Use our design portal to make licenses for any business scenario. Want to offer Subscriptions? Perpetuals? Trials and Rentals? Need support for Network Based Licenses? We have you covered. You can even take over the complete activation flow to conceal the use of our services.

Licenses Users Can Manage

Once your customers get their license, you want them to be self-sufficient. They can manage their licenses using our free license management app, and that means less support for you.

Platform Features

Strong Security

Leave software protection and license management to us - that's what we do. Your focus can be on developing great products.

Custom Settings

We put the control in your hands. Design your security and licensing model to work for your business.

Multiple License Types

Offer the type of licenses that meet your business needs: perpetual, subscription, network-based, trial, or timed.

Flexible Activations

You define when a license is required, and how it can be activated.

Subscription Support

Expand your user base with a lower entry cost. Subscriptions are easy to distribute and manage.

Demo at Launch Time

Hook your customer at first launch - choose to allow a trial period and specify what the user's options will be once the demonstration period is over.

Fast, Secure Database

Speed and security are serious business - we take care of that for you, processing millions of license activations a week.

Digital Signing

Securely sign your content - this service is available independent of software protection.

Proven Track Record

Our protection stands strong for years, not hours or days.

Encrypted Communications

Our system uses encrypted channels to protect your software locally; you will never need to send us unprotected source files.

Customer Support

Our customers receive full documentation, quality support, and access to our engineering team.


Request and download custom reports - even track usage in real-time.


Proud Sponsor of IMSTA FESTA

“IMSTA supports intellectual property and PACE iLok in particular, because it helps protect the music software industry around the world.” -

Ray Williams, Managing Director of IMSTA

IMSTA FESTA is a FREE event open to everyone in the music making community; professional and semi-professional musicians, songwriters, music producers, and audio engineers, as well as music students and educators.

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About PACE Anti-Piracy, Inc.

PACE Anti-Piracy has over 30 years of field-proven experience delivering end-to-end anti-piracy solutions.

Our tools allow you to choose the level of protection based on your target customer. Your customers will appreciate flexible licensing options that include perpetual, trial, subscription, and network-based licenses. Licenses can be computer-based or stored on an iLok dongle for true portability. Customize the activation interface to match your branding or use our API to handle activation behind the scenes. Our rock-solid infrastructure services over 32 million licenses - contact us to learn how we can help you grow your market share.

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