Industrial Software Licensing and Protection

If you grew up writing code, software cracks and patches for software licensing schemes are something you’re already very familiar with.

The PC Games business was devastated and many very well-paying developer jobs were lost due to the proliferation of day one and pre-release software licensing system cracks.

But surely your companies highly specialized industrial software will fly under the radar of the hacking community. After all, your company’s industrial software is used by large companies, utilities and labs who can surely afford to buy a license. At least that was until recently, the prevailing thinking.

Recently we have been researching industrial software cracks and the number of cracks as well as the diversity of the products that have been targeted for software licensing system cracks was an eye opener.

We noted 4 industrial software licensing systems that have suffered class breaks of their hardware dongles, rendering all of the 1000’s of products protected by their industrial software protection solutions open to unlicensed use.


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Fighting software piracy is an ongoing battle

it means lost revenue, market share, and your company’s reputation could be at stake.

If you have a new product or an existing product with an industrial software licensing system that has been cracked. Reach out to PACE today, we can help!

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The list of Industrial software types with compromised software licensing that we have observed is staggering, and growing every day.

  • Electrical Substation Software
  • Elevator Software
  • Design Software for Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • Real-time Highway Acoustic Emission Software
  • Software for Calculating and Assessing Interior Noise
  • Soil Engineering Software
  • Surveying Software
  • Civil Engineering CAD/CAE Software for Civil and Industrial Building Structures
  • HVAC Sheet Metal and Mechanical Estimating Software
  • CAD Software for the design of civil, and industrial electrical systems
  • Dental CAD/CAM Software
  • 3D Jewelry CAD Software
  • CNC System Programming
  • Software for Visualization and Analysis of BACnet Networks
  • Software for Creating Layer Directories According to DIN 4022/4023
  • Chromatography Data System (CDS) Software
  • Scanning Probe Microscopy Image and Data Analysis Software
  • Sperm Class Analyzer Software
  • High Performance Engine Tuning Software
  • On-farm Dairy Management Software
  • Software for DVR Surveillance Systems

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We have the strongest hardware protection in the business

The iLok USB Smart Key can safely store hundreds of licenses, is portable, and convenient.

Aside from the ease of use, the iLok is nearly indestructible. It has never been "cracked" or copied. It is by far the strongest and safest way to deliver your licenses to your customers. Professionals rely every single day on the ease of use and reliability of the iLok.

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PACE Anti-Piracy, Inc has been in the industrial software licensing business for over 30 years. We have seen it all, and yet we are surprised at the tenacity, level of sophistication, and for lack of a better term, talent of the hacker community to quickly and methodically dismantle a software companies hard work and distribute their IP.

Everyone knows that illegally sharing software is wrong, yet it still happens every day. Lowering the barrier to entry by removing copy protection, or moving to a flimsy legacy industrial software licensing system, or online pay wall model, has been proven ineffective at preserving software integrity. Our research has shown that a hacker’s intentions are difficult to predict. Sometimes, they wish to crack very expensive software to deliver it to the masses; other times, they crack software for sport and recognition amongst their peers. This makes industrial software anti-piracy protection an important factor to consider if your goal is preserving your valuable IP. A solid, and well implemented industrial software licensing solution will protect your companies’ brand, perhaps your greatest asset.

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Platform Features for Sotware Publishers

Good anti-piracy software protects your executable inside and out and makes your product and its Industrial licensing system tamperproof. Our research has also shown us that global hackers are not as concerned about giving away your software for free, but rather they see your success as a vehicle to steal precious and sensitive information from your audience. By reverse engineering and inserting malware, hackers can gain access to your customers’ data and networks. If you have not adopted stringent anti-piracy software protection practices, experienced hackers can quickly and easily infiltrate your distributions and ruin your company’s reputation. With open communication readily available in social media, it is even more imperative, as your potential customers will run from your product offering if they feel they can’t trust it.

Beyond protecting your companies IP. Industrial software protection protects your client’s business as well. If they are paying you 10’s of thousands or millions of dollars for legitimate software licenses and their competitors are using cracked versions of your product, you are disadvantaging your best customers. The very companies that keep your lights on and your team doing what they love. Building world class industrial software.

How do we combat this?

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