Fusion is an automated application protection (code hardening) tool that is designed to protect your code from being modified and used in a way you have not intended. When tampered with by an attacker, a Fusion-protected application will fail gracefully at run-time and not offer any clues as to why the protected code fails to operate.

Fusion Application Protection Highlights:

  • Provides high security by blending your binary with our protection technology at build time
  • Results in a unique per-product fusing so that every protected binary is thoroughly and uniquely protected
  • Features an automated system that you 'train' by running special builds

Properly configured Fusion-protected binaries are extremely tedious to attack. Since the initial release of Fusion Hybrid in late 2010, there have been no full cracks when Fusion has been used as documented.

How Does Fusion Application Protection Work?

In a nutshell, a Fusion-protected binary is injected at build time with thousands of interwoven "check" code instances. These checks validate at runtime that your code has not been modified.

Fusion application protection uses analysis profile data to stay out of your most frequently called functions. Additionally, you can easily nominate performance-sensitive areas of your code for exclusion of check injection. You have complete control. By using Fusion, you get nearly automatic blending of our protection DNA with your binary.

Fusion Implementation Steps

Step 1 – Static Analysis - Builds a database of the application's functions

Step 2 – Dynamic Analysis (Exercising) - Creates a database of performance data

Step 3 – Build - Uses data collected in steps 1 and 2 to layout the optimal check code network topology

Fusion Application Protection Advantages

The per-product “fusing” of technologies means each product’s code check network is unique and diverse. Contrast this to wrapper-type security, where hackers can invest in building a common set of tools, and repeatedly use those tools to broadly attack all wrapped binaries.

Fusion’s intelligent automation produces a protected application with 10X the check code network density vs. manual application protection solutions.

Fusion’s automation produces consistent security results across all your teams. No manual solution can match Fusion for delivering highly secure and performant applications.

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