Algorithm Protection

Protect your valuable software algorithms from reverse engineering

Protect software algorithms deployed at the edge

PACE specializes in protecting software intellectual property in desktop, mobile, and IoT software. This allows our customers’ businesses to grow based on the software algorithms they develop, without their value being undermined by reverse engineering.

The Reverse Engineering Risk

Any software deployed at the edge is vulnerable to reverse engineering. Attackers can gain direct access to software running on desktop, mobile, or IoT devices. This makes it easy to analyze the code to uncover your algorithmic secrets, using your expertise for their own advantage while reducing the value you’ve worked hard to develop.
IP theft costs the US economy $600B per year
  • The Commission on the Theft of American Intellectual Property

Valuable algorithms are all around us

Edge Computing

Edge Processing

Many organizations have been built based on the value of their algorithms that process signals and other data. Securing these algorithms against reverse engineering is key to growing your business. PACE provides targeted protection to keep your algorithms safe.

Artificial Intelligence

AI models are distributed as software and data. As such, when deployed at the edge, they are vulnerable to the same reverse engineering risks as any other software. PACE delivers proven security to AI/ML developers, allowing them to maximize their value.
MathWorks, the creator of MATLAB, Partner

MATLAB® and Simulink®

With innovative algorithms and models being developed in MATLAB and Simulink, the protection and management of the resulting executable is critical. PACE supports the commercialization of MATLAB algorithms and Simulink models.

PACE's products for protecting algorithms

Valuable algorithms require targeted protection that even skilled reverse engineers will struggle to break down, and defenses to ensure an algorithm cannot be lifted out of your code. PACE’s software security suite goes beyond obfuscation to provide the protection you need.
  • Protect your competitive advantage
  • Safely monetize your expertise
  • Stop algorithms from being reverse engineered
  • Empower developers with easy-to-use tools

How does it work?

iLok Software Licensing

PACE is the industry leader in application and plug-in licensing. Our flexible, fully-hosted platform provides an end-to-end solution for publishers aiming to bring their products to market, ensuring that only licensed users can access the algorithms embedded in the software.
Learn more about iLok Licensing
PursparC screens
Custom activation screens for PuresparC during product launch.

Fusion Run-Time Application Security

Fusion secures applications, libraries, and plug-ins from reverse engineering. It fuses your binary code with our obfuscation, anti-tamper, and anti-debug protection. This protects code from static analysis and dynamic instrumentation, and guards your algorithms against lifting attacks.
Learn more about Fusion

White-Box Works

White-Box Works offers targeted protection of individual algorithms. Its unique industry-leading architecture adds new dimensions of security to defend your IP from reverse engineering and ensure the privacy and integrity of the data your algorithm processes.
Learn more about White-Box Works

PACE Brings Experience to Protect and Commercialize your Algorithms

PACE Anti-Piracy stands out as a leader in application protection and licensing across multiple markets. For over 36 years, we have worked diligently to stay ahead of security trends and compatibility requirements.
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Strong Security

Leave software protection to us - that's what we do. Your focus can be on developing great products.

Automated Optimization

Protection that understands your software, and self-optimizes so you can focus on features not tuning protection.

Customizable Protection

We put the control in your hands. Design your security model to work for your business.

Consistent Behavior

Your software will behave the same before and after protection, and PACE’s automated processes remove any space for human error.

Achieve Certification

PACE empowers you to pass certification against the highest software security standards.

Invisible to End Users

Block attackers without changing the experience you offer your customers.

CI/CD Integration

Easy integration into any common build system so your software is protected wherever its built.

Pre-integrated with iLok Licensing

If using iLok licensing, upgrading your protection to Fusion is an easy step.

Customer Support

Our customers receive full documentation, quality support, and access to our engineering team.

Proven Track Record

Our protection stands strong for years, not hours or days.

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